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Trouble Information

December 24, 2016 • dubyadmin

Anytime someone makes a promise about weight loss or fat loss, readers should instantly be skeptical. Trouble Spot Nutrition is a 3-phase system that is supposed to prevent fat from being stored in those “trouble spots” which we all have. They are the parts of our bodies where it seems impossible to make fat go away, no matter how many crunches and push-ups we do. Some people have love handles; some have big bums; others build up fat around their arms. Is it possible to target those areas specifically?

Hormonal Imbalancehormones-and-weight-gain1

The team behind Trouble Spot Nutrition believes that hormones are the key. Science would back this up; the metabolic system is well-researched. What Trouble Spot Nutrition suggests, however, is that a certain hormone causes fatty buildup in specific areas and that targeting this area can cause the reverse action in your body.

Calories Not Important

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but numbers don’t matter as much as food quality. What you’re eating is more important than how much, which is why Weight Watchers doesn’t work in the long term. You lose water, feel starved and frustrated, and put weight back on because you didn’t activate fat-loss enzymes. It’s still important to balance how much you eat with the amount of work you do, but it’s possible to gain weight and also lose fat if you’re gaining muscle.


Trouble Spot Nutrition is apparently backed by science. There is a lot of “evidence” in here, but since you don’t know what’s in the book, there’s no way of knowing whether the science backs what you’re about to read. It’s worth reading if you stay focused because knowledge is always good as long as you look at both sides. The perspectives reflected here are those of two people who used the system, so they aren’t objective. There’s more rhetoric here than anything else.

Take a Test

This one doesn’t tax your brain all that much; it’s not math and science but a personal review. You will be asked to view your body and decide where those trouble spots are. Don’t cry about it; this is your invitation to do something positive. There is stubborn fat and fat that’s easy to lose. The fat that comes off quickly is flexible. Hard fat has been there a while and is destined to stay.

You Don’t Need Drugs

Not only is this plan going to help you lose fat and weight, but it will do both those things without drugs or supplements. That’s a huge investment, a massive industry. How much have you spent on Raspberry Keytones, Green Coffee Bean extract, and Garcinia Cambogia? Scrap all of that stuff, you don’t need it, and improve your health too. This program promises to change your overall outlook and even reverse the damage done by illness.

Three Phases

The first phase is to deactivate body’s fat storing enzyme, the one that prevents starvation, and something you don’t need anymore. Phase 2 involves a new approach to nutrition, thanks to this program. The third phase shows you how to shrink fat now that you no longer store it. Your own bodyweight is enough to target those spots; no fancy equipment is necessary.

How to Approach Trouble Spot Nutrition

For every scientific study, there is one focused on disproving its findings. That’s how researchers maintain objectivity, balance, and arrive at the truth. There is another perspective: that no amount of exercise and no eating plan that will target a specific area of fat. The people with toned, athletic bodies work out a lot or are genetically predisposed towards leanness. In some people, fat arms and love handles are a fact of life and will remain so unless they learn to control their eating and become more active. Although better health is desirable, you don’t need a program for that. Meanwhile, many people (girls, especially) would feel mentally healthier if they weren’t constantly aspiring to have the perfect body. I hope you found this review of trouble spot nutrition worth your while. Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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