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Things You Should Know

December 24, 2016 • dubyadmin

Dave Ruel says some sensible things about food and weight loss. He links body shape to food, saying most people are overweight because of what they eat, not because they aren’t active. He blasts certain myths related to fitness nutrition and makes a number of good points. We’ll cover them here, but also talk about the value of his program, ¬†An Anabolic Cooking Review.

Myths Busted

Firstly, fitness foods are supposed to be bland and tasteless, aren’t they? It’s possible lots of people are eating this way, but what are 432789123they drinking; unflavored protein shakes? Are they consuming eggs and plain chicken every day? That would certainly become dull quickly. Actually, protein-packed foods can be really tasty; worthy of a restaurant.

Good tasting food shouldn’t help you build muscle. While restaurant foods often start out strong, they end with a fatty finish, thanks to the sauces and carbs they add. Of course, diners have to be proactive and ask for salad instead, but the fact is a restaurant-quality meal made at home will cost less anyway and can, in fact, help you pack on pounds of muscle.

Moreover, cooking the anabolic way is easy. With some guidance, one can kit out a kitchen to make excellent foods they were buying from the grocery store for at least twice as much, maybe quadruple the price. Not only is protein-rich food simple to prepare, but it takes very little time. It might take longer to eat a meal than it does to make it.

Anabolic cooking isn’t expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. Results aren’t bland and can, in fact, rival anything made by professionals in restaurants or sold as meal replacements.

What Is Ruel Selling?

Now you must be wondering: what’s the catch? Dave Ruel is selling something, so what is it? He’s offering his cookbook full of tested recipes for only $9. It’s apparently an award winner and $9 isn’t much for a cookbook that’s backed by lots of testimonials and full of good ideas.

The only way to see inside this book, however, is to buy it or beg a friend to loan you his. If he is a Scrooge about it, you know this book is too valuable to part with. If he says “sure, have it as long as you want,” there’s a problem.

200 Anabolicious Recipes

Ruel’s book contains more than two hundred ways to pack protein into your day. Divide that by 21 (7 days, three meals a day), and you get about ten days of cooking. Mix and match meals and recipes for more combinations. That’s not bad when you consider how many recipes are in the average cookbook and how much those cost.


The book also contains education about how to cook properly, without using more fat than necessary, and the reason he chose certain ingredients. Learn not only the recipes and methods but also some tips for preparation and when to eat these foods to maximize workout results. Find out how to save money on your usual grocery bills by using anabolic cooking in place of supplements. Stock your kitchen with tools and ingredients for success, tools and ingredients laid out in one of the book’s many lists. He even talks about “cheat” meals which aren’t anabolic but satisfying splurges one can look forward to without failing to define and enhance lean muscles.

Caveat for Fitness Friends

Is it possible anything could be wrong with this system? I doubt it. I’m usually¬†wary of a product sold in the long-website format, before you get to the information and which provides precious information too. Isn’t anabolic cooking just high-protein cooking, like Paleo? In some ways, yes, with a few adjustments such as additional protein powders. It really is worth a try.

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