The website for Toned in ten starts out like this: “Are You Tired of Looking Old and Struggling to Lose Belly Fat?” I’m sure the writer doesn’t mean to insult you personally. She’s only writing what most of us who bother to read this site are thinking. We want to look younger and have flat stomachs. We feel flabby, out of shape, and hate lengthy workouts. They bore us, and so do the diets that go with them. Toned in 10 has your attention.


The Premise

You can enjoy a toned body without going to a gym, buying expensive equipment, or going on a starvation diet. The woman behind this program promises she will target belly fat and cellulite. What makes her so confident? She’s a physiotherapist, anti-aging specialist, and she did the program too. It worked if pictures tell the truth.

Not Your Fault

In addition to nailing the top two things women worry about, Erin Nielsen tugs at your heart strings: you are not responsible for living inside a flabby body. Guidelines put out by national government health agencies aren’t helpful. They say you should exercise for 5 hours weekly to be healthy and this is wrong. In fact, too much exercise is making you fat and aging you faster than normal. To be precise, Nielsen recommends 83% less exercise to get in the best shape of your life. Otherwise, consumers are just wearing their bodies down.

Cardio Is Boring

People don’t want to work out for an hour at a time. It’s boring, and results don’t seem to match up with their efforts. There has to be a better way that won’t sabotage your dreams of a better shape and more youthful looks with joints that don’t feel 80 years-old before you’re 50.

Fifty Minutes Is Enough

Erin Nielsen promises that 50 minutes — ten minutes daily, five days each week — is plenty. If you do that, you won’t be tempted to eat more because you worked out for an hour. It’s not tempting to say “I did enough” and choose sedentary ways to pass the day after an hour-long run. People should be smarter about the way they work out; that’s all. Nielsen has the key, available for purchase online. With her techniques, you can stop feeling frustrated, tired, ugly, and guilty. Your sex life and social life will return, and more energy awaits you than ever before.

Website Review

The “Toned in Ten” website is structured. It has real information and is appealing to your bank account. Since more than half the US public is overweight, even obese, there is a large audience out there looking for a quick fix. Could Nielsen be onto something? She goes on to talk about the value of each item, including numerous bonuses to go with Toned in Ten like grocery shopping guidelines. Ah — food does matter. I wouldn’t argue that her “values” are inflated and she takes pains to compare the cost of “Toned in Ten” with gym memberships and home-based workout equipment.

Product Review

Much of what Nielsen says makes sense, but she takes her evidence hones in on a single sport: running. Yes, this sport is wearing on the body and runners probably feel very hungry, but they are also energized by their efforts. Exercise one enjoys is always beneficial as long as people don’t overdo it and pay attention to their bodies.

There’s more to life than running, too; what about swimming and cycling? The trick is to find exercise that doesn’t feel like a workout. One’s heart sometimes needs more than 50 minutes weekly. Bones require an amount of impact daily to regenerate bone marrow. There is so much more to fitness than being skinny and looking younger. While the cycle she depicts of weight gain and guilt is authentic, there are other things to consider here such as social life, heredity, and health concerns. Following a generally active, healthy lifestyle doesn’t take 10 minutes a day.